Seedlings is a blog by Johannes Kleske with quick notes and thoughts.

  • I need a new place to think aloud, and here it is

    Too many other spaces are not my own or are too performative (Twitter, LinkedIn, the official blog, etc.). Even with my newsletter, I feel too strong of an urge to put out properly polished editions. The reality is that I don’t post any words at all. But as writing is structured thinking for me, I need to do just that on a much more regular basis. And thus, I started this new blog.

    It’s is mainly inspired by two trains of thought: Robin Sloan’s concept of ‘working with the garage door up’ (via Andy Matuschak) and especially Matt Webb’s list of ’15 rules of blogging,’ which help to take away the typical hurdles that keep him from getting the words out.

    The rules, which are specific to me, are intended to bump me out of certain mental traps that I know will otherwise stop my words.

    Matt Webb

    My goal for this blog is to have a space to push out formulated thoughts on anything that has been on my mind lately. It’s foremost for me. Any considerations about you, the audience, come second, meaning posts can be unpolished and out of context. Nevertheless, I’m always interested in conversations emerging. So feel free to write me via Twitter or the contact form any time.

    I’m starting with this approach and will adapt wherever and whenever necessary.